"How To" Publications

Our in-house publications on Wildflowers and Native Gardening. Written by Randy Powers, the owner of Prairie Future Seed Company. With over 50 years of experience working with native Wisconsin plant life, Randy brings to you an array of publications to help you with everything from starting and maintaining a wildflower planting to identification of both native and non-native species. 

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Common Butterflies of Wisconsin with Native Host and Nectar Plants

A detailed guide to common butterflies of Wisconsin and the plants they use. Includes pictures of butterflies and plants with descriptions.

Day Moths of Wisconsin & Upper Midwest for Diurnal & Crepuscular Moths

A detailed guide to day moths of Wisconsin. Includes pictures of moths with descriptions.

Great Native Meadow Wildflowers for Clay (Heavy Loam Soils)

Learn the nature of clay soils. Includes 48 photos of clay species by Randy Powers. Information on preparing your site for planting and planting guidelines.

Help Guide: Weed Control in New Native Meadows & Gardens

Help! I planted wildflowers and got a weed patch!

Native American Prairie Herbs

A list of wildflower species and their uses with photos. Includes a list of poisonous species. Ethnobotanical guides and references.

Native Prairie Grasses, Sedges & Rushes

Learn about grasses, sedges, rushes; what they are, where they grow, and how to grow them. Photos taken by Randy Powers.

Photo Library of Weeds

A Wisconsin and Midwest weed photo identification book. How to identify and prioritize weeds in your prairie.

Photo Library of Wildflowers

A photo identification book of 180 Wisconsin native wildflower species that are available for purchase as plants or seeds. Written by Randy Powers, Restoration Ecologist. Photography by Randy Powers.

The Right Start: How to Plant a Native Meadow or Garden

The nine basic essentials you need to know to start your first native planting. Includes understanding native plants, the habitat in your yard, site preparation, planting, and maintenance.