The Right Start: How to Plant a Native Meadow or Garden

The nine basic essentials you need to know to start your first native planting. Includes understanding native plants, the habitat in your yard, site preparation, planting, and maintenance.
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In "The Right Start", written by Randy Powers, we lay out the nine basic concepts a beginner would need to understand starting their own prairie. From the overarching concept of why prairies and restoring them is important, to the nitty gritty details in how to actually accomplish this goal, The Right Start is the exhaustive guide. The concepts and practices laid out in this guide are not only theoretically viable, but are proven to work as shown in the results Prairie Future Seed Company has achieved since our first prairie restoration in 1990. This guide is a to the point, no frills, guide to starting a planting. Quickly and easily read by anybody looking to try their hand at prairie restoration.

If you have already started a prairie and are looking to maintain your planting, look for our "Help Guide" which will allow you to keep your prairie intact and flourishing!

Also look to our other guides for ideas of what kind of plants you would like or what you would like to attract with your planting.

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